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Our goal is simple:


          * TIME

          * MONEY 

          * POTENTIAL


Maximize Your Money

 ​We help students choose schools that fit both academically and financially avoiding visits to unsuitable colleges and expensive transfers to other schools. All clients receive FREE scholarship and financial aid advising to maximize college access and attainment. 

We can help develop your resume to match job postings and improve your rating in automated HR systems while refining your interview skills to significantly shorten the job search process. 

We're here to help!

Call us at (443) 347-3555 to set up your FREE Consultation or                     with one of our consultants.


The Career Adviser College Admission & Career Advising And Small Business Startup Services

Maximize Your Potential

We can help you identify your greatest strengths, natural talents and ​discover your interests so you can better identify, understand and expand your college and career options.

Through our assessments we can provide tailored career advising solutions and lists of well-suited potential occupations. We also provide clients with the job outlooks for those fields, potential earnings and educational and certification requirements.


We guide, you lead!

Maximize Your Time

We visit 25+ colleges per year to understand the schools' most desired student profile and choose the best-fit school for each student. We can save ​you countless hours per week with tailored college admissions counseling and college selection.

It can be a long road from having a great idea for a small business to getting it off the ground. From business registration, website and logo design, social media and print marketing to payroll setup. We can have you up and running in 2 weeks!

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